Every day I commute to work…it’s a full 5 metres haha.  Although this is kind-of what I wanted when I started my business – it’s also less and less of what I want the more time that passes by the more I crave an office.

I know many of you work from home, or are starting and it is AMAZING — awww not having to start my car in -40 — that’s the things dreams are made of xo 

From bed to table, to office…to car I move around  a little bit but nothing crazy.  When I First started I’d work from coffee shops  –  which was part strategy and part because I needed to get my face in front of people.

Because I’ve got a rock star team, and rock star structures now, I actually need to work. less and less. So working from coffee shops and going to 101 events each week doesn’t have to happen.  


What are three key things I have learnt from working from home? 

1. If you don’t get dressed your day is basically a write off.  So get dressed even if you have no where to go. When you work outside of the house, there’s a certain type of ‘uniform’ – which includes pants that don’t have holes in them. So SHOW UP for your own business as if you’re walking into a building. I know how amazing it is to wear Pj’s but I actually dedicate days to this. Friday’s are admin days –  so I totally rock out the comfy pants and no-shower look. One of my. fave ways to do number 1&2 is to set up shopping dates at Ziva & Em  and because I love supporting local I get 90% of my clothing from them. Grassroots business. (meaning she’s building this store all by herself and it is not a franchise) 

You can instantly feel a shift in productivity if you shower, slap on some awesome music and show up.  And of course like I said above – be a bit flexible, I mean you. can wear whatever the heck you want from home but this is your MONEY maker right? 

2. You don’t have to but you should –  leave the house. 

I  am quite comfy hanging out at home – really its got coffee, heat, snacks – I don’t have to leave. But if I notice I’m going on day 3 without leaving that little thing called productivity starts to fade again. Because — ENERGY, people are ENERGY. Walking around the mall, hitting up a play place with my kids lights a fire under my butt again. It also reminds me that hey. —  I can leave whenever I want. I. don’t have designated snack times or lunch times. YAY. I suggest to all the moms working form home —  make a conscious effort to leave and go places that have positive energy. If you spend $20 on lunch at a local cafe and bust out 1 week of social media – id consider that $20 well spent. xo 


3. Have a dedicated space it’s important to your success.

 I have three, because when I don’t — I don’t take my business seriously and neither does my family. This one was HUGE…I loved the flexibility of working from my bathtub, but at the same time not having a place to ‘keep’ things or to sit down and know when its work time and when it’s not — changes ALL the things. I have a space down in the basement that’s setup like a lady cave — it has giant whiteboards, pink chairs, a lot of essential oils and is a place where the team can come and hang out – mini fridge included.  This is where we film most of our videos too! My upstairs office space is combined with where the kids do homework — but this is the spot I leave my computer. And then — my kitchen table. It has the MOST light and is closest to the coffee pot — so generally it’s my first choice. Find what works for YOU, but set a space up — you’ll feel like a CEO xo I ordered a few things like this to make my office better, it made me instantly feel like a boss – We gift these pens to all our clients and keep them in our office, they just make me feel like I’m making lives sparkle and successful xo Click here and grab yours to up-level your office. 

I’m writing this from my evening office ‘couch and fireside’….and I know how much YOU want to get your business growing — so try the top three. The bonus one is — if you have kids I love that  you can work when they’re home. 

But truly imagine how much. you could get done if you had 2 hours to focus on that content, the client, or a little time blogging without getting a snack for the 20th time? 

Childcare is not something I put in the list, because well — this ruffles feathers for ME.  I had a nanny, I had childcare, Ive done all the things in terms of in house care and out of house care and right now Rhett is home with me 24 hours a day. And– it actually works, but a year ago — that would’ve NEVER been. possible ‘cuz he was three. 

So YOU DO you…..nanny, childcare, dogs hanging around barking: working when they sleep. — whatever you’ve gotta do, get it done, d xo 


Leave a thought below in the comments, out of the 3 above  which one can you commit to? – 👇🏻👇🏻

-Megan xo

My name is Megan Lockhart and I am the CEO of Hello Life Academy.

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