Haters going to hate…hate hate hate.

Let’s start by saying there is NO WAY that if you are doing things you love, are putting yourself out there and testing boundaries — you have never pissed someone off.

I mean maybe they just haven’t told you, but generally MY HATERS are pretty vocal about it because I teach them HOW TO use their voice and WHY it’s important to say what you wanna say. Which brings me to last weekend, I know that with what I do and with our reach we have a few people who just don’t like us, and when I say ‘us’, I mean me.

I coach women, some of them succeed — others don’t.

I also call people out when they copy things, steal things and are avoiding conversations. Literally we’ve had people use our STUDIO graphics as their own, take our Facebook group names and re-use them, and clients who took our exact structures and tried to re-sell them as ebooks. Man – people are BRAVE. (And this Is not the kind of brave that Brene Brown talks about).

We’ve had people show up for events and LOVE THEM, use all the tools — have success and then write reviews about how ‘it wasn’t that great’. I could go on…but that’ll just get depressing, time to PIVOT!

Keeping it real, cue Rachel HollisI am not apologizing for who I am and I won’t apologize for calling you out on your crappy behaviour. I most of the time will ignore it, delete it, block it…and send you love — I’ve got blinders on most of the time that keep me in my lane BUT — I am also a human being xo I have emotions, feelings and connections to people….so when someone hurts me I get hurt! xo

Just because I have loadsssss of personal development under my good old tool belt & believe in love — does not mean I hide or tuck my voice away because you’re being mean.

SO, last weekend I went to an event – an event where loads of entrepreneurs would be, and a place where I KNEW some of them were not ‘fans’ of me. This is the stuff public figures don’t talk about – they normally say “let the haters go” or “just keep y our blinders on” but I mean we all have emotions – we aren’t robots.

So these haters…are real, they show up to places, they are around and they aren’t going anywhere. They aren’t TERRIBLE people they just don’t like what YOU are serving to the world.

Maybe for you they were kinda not so nice, or maybe they are just a person who sucks (*see below for my people who suck description).

Lets talk wine — (I promise this is relevant) not everyone loves the same flavours, the same kind and not everyone even likes wine. If you don’t like the wine you just quickly spit it out and leave it alone right? You don’t get all crazy and leave nasty social media comments or whisper negative things? You just…spit it out….and move onto the next sample.

When you KNOW that person or those people are going to be at event, I’ve got a few secret sauce tips to get you to SHOW UP and not hide..because look I want to take a long bath and remind myself how much I don’t wanna go sometimes too.


  1. Think about what the WORST thing that could happen is –  So they toss a glass of wine on your shirt…that makes them look cray, not you. Or maybe they ignore you…or maybe they say Hi and you feel awkward. — the WORST thing is not THAT BAD
  2. We are all grown ups – and more important we are all grown up WOMEN trying to really do the best we can! No one is going into entrepreneurship to be a nasty person (at least I don’t think so). So be grown up – show up, smile politely and Just leave it. You don’t need to drag others into it (really you don’t – save it for your BFF)
  3. Be an EXAMPLE not a follower — so that person did something kinda shitty to you (or at least you feel this way). What would happen if you could set the example that you are just okay with not liking them but leaving it at that? No need for nasty comments, reviews or faces right? Just…release. And when someone says crappy things about them just say,  “I’m not into this convo”. Go ahead and start the business (I have 100 ideas on how to get it going so click here, ride the bike, sign up for the race   
  4. Understand and talk yourself through this  – not everyone likes the same flavours, and people are all different — you do not or are not expected in this lifetime to like everyone you meet…but this does not give you permission to be mean. Just know that — not my style, and be totally fine with it.
  5. Trust that the 1 person is not going to be able to ‘sway’ everyone elses opinion at the event – if they can well they’re the next Oprah, Ellen or Rachel Hollis and that’s AWESOME. But guess what — even Rachel Hollis has peeps that don’t like her ;).
  6. Always think about what you would tell your kids to do – Would you tell them NOT TO go because Sally is going to be at the birthday party? What would you tell them to do — practice what ya preach mama xo



I am so thankful that I’ve experienced the people who have challenged me, it really helps me expand and understand what I say NO to. And what I say YES to. It also makes me realize that – well I’m doing a darn good job – and permission is not needed as long as my soul and heart feel great xo

*sucky people description*

Someone who whispers in someone elses ear when you are right in front of them — this is rude, please teach your kids this is rude to ANYONE.

The person who steals stuff, (physical stuff or content)….or graphics, or sentences and NOT giving you credit for it. Honestly, sharing is caring so why not just ask?

The person who tries to pretend you’ve done NOTHING for them….this is bullshit. SAID IT. Everyone we come in contact with has given us a gift….accept that even if you no longer enjoy them.

The people who like to sue people – this makes no sense and man you must have some deep rooted pain you have not dealt with. I still to this day do not understand this style of suck and maybe never will.

The person who wants success (whatever that looks like) but really can’t watch other people rock and roll! This may not be. ‘sucky’ but more sad xo

So haters, lovers…people, I hope you can walk into a room head held high and know you are LOVED xo Send the ones who just can’t drink you like a great glass of wine a smile, some love….and best wishes. I have no doubt you are going to do amazing things, I just won’t be there standing by to watch xo But know that you do NOT have to like everyone & look in the mirror and remind yourself of that — because we as women put a lot of pressure on each other to like everyone 😉 

And humans that want to start building and taking action — grab this it’s literally about 100 ways you can MOVE your business online and start — judgement or no judgment just dive in xo  

Leave a thought below in the comments. Is there someone out there who you know doesn’t like you? What would you do if you ran into them at an event? 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

-Megan xo

My name is Megan Lockhart and I am the CEO of Hello Life Academy.

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